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*UPDATED* Well-Being

This Week's Choice of Well-Being Activities

Personal reflection allows us to grow as human beings. It allows us to review what we have already done, how we're feeling at the moment and then think about targets and goals we would like for ourselves going forward.


Choice 1

Choose one of the diary templates below or take a look at them and then create your own.

As you complete your reflective diary, play the YouTube video below or other music that you feel will relax you.

Keep your diary in a safe place so that, when you add to it, you can see how it progresses over time.


Choice 2

Look at the July Well-Being Activity Calendar below.  As I'm sharing this with you partway through July, you can choose where to begin but why not start the activities as soon as you can and make them part of your daily routine.  You'll be surprised at how much you enjoy them!


**OPTIONAL ACTIVITY** create a 'Summer Pinwheel'.  See below.


Relaxing Music with Animal Photos