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Reflection & Transition Week

Well done everyone; we made it!  We have finally reached the end of the Summer Term and a most bizarre school year.  If we were all in school together, we would be reflecting on our achievements this year and thinking about transition to our new Year Groups.  For Year 6 pupils, we would be preparing for new schools as well as Year 7 and for Year 5 pupils we would be working on what it means to be a Year 6 pupil at Dunnington School.


So, this week's activities are all about reflection and transition.  Please take your time to choose activities that will make you think, are enjoyable and do them to the very best of your ability so that you will be proud to share them with Mrs Mellor when you return to school in September.


Take a look at the document below which contains three choices about: memories, achievement and goal setting.  Beneath that are other documents which have different activities too.  Enjoy!laugh