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Out of This World! 12th February 2020

On Wednesday 12th February 2020, the whole school were introduced to some 'Out of This World' (literally!) resources during assembly.  Thanks to a loan from NASA and the Science and Technology Facilities Council arranged by Mrs Mellor, every pupil  had the opportunity to view and handle a selection of rocks from the moon and space.


Pupils and staff were fascinated by the rocks which included, amongst other samples: orange soil collected by Apollo 17 (you can find the exact site on; a large iron meteorite from Argentina with a recorded history dating back to 1576; an ammonite fossil 65 million years old and a 14.7 million year old Moldavite impactite (glass formed when a meteorite landed in Germany). Later that day during a science lesson, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils used hand lenses to study the samples in detail and a Year 6 pupil said 'My favourite was the large iron meteorite, it was really heavy and the original must have been huge as this was only a small part that broke off; knowing it came from somewhere in space is amazing'.