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KS2 Sports Hall Athletics Event - First Round - 11th February 2020

On Tuesday 11th February 2020, 27 excited Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils went to the first round of a Sports Hall Athletics Event at Studley Leisure Centre.  That morning, there were pupils from 10 local primary schools of varying sizes competing against each other in a wide range of indoor track and field disciplines such as: chest push, vertical jump, soft javelin and relay races.  The atmosphere at the event was electric and it was wonderful to see all of our pupils representing our school so well: pupils encouraged each other, were respectful towards all staff and students at the event and showed determination and resilience throughout the morning.  We all had a fantastic morning and were delighted to learn that our school's overall position was 6th out of the 10 schools competing.  Little did we know, that we had in fact come FIRST out of the small schools competing that day and have now been invited to the second round of the competition.  What a wonderful outcome for our school!