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Sport at Dunnington 2015 –16

Additional funds are provided to schools by the government to help in improving the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. The funding is designed to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sports provision. It also aims to increase participation in PE and sport so that children are encouraged to develop healthy lifestyles.

Our allocation of funds for 2015-2016 is £8,500.

Our Aim

At Dunnington CE Primary School our aim is to improve the quality of PE provision for all children, raising achievement and ensuring a lasting sustainable impact.


Target 1: To improve the quality of PE and sports teaching in school


* Employment of specialist staff to work with teaching staff to teach dance, gymnastics and games to pupils in all age groups.

* Travel costs paid to enable pupils in Year 5 and 6 to work with six Olympic swimmers for a morning at Stratford Leisure Centre - both motivational talks and pool based activities. 

* Recruitment of specialist coach to support Tag Rugby Club training

* Recruitment of specialist coach to support Kwik Cricket Club Training

* Recruitment of specialist coach to lead Gymnastics Club



* Teachers skills have been developed as they work alongside the professional coaches, increased confidence and competence.

* Pupil skills have developed as a result of the professional coaching provided.

* There has been an increase in pupil engagement with after school sports clubs.

* Improvement in pupil approach to PE and sports related activity.


Target 2: To improve the quality of PE and sports resources in school


* A badminton court has been laid out in the school hall.

* Badminton equipment has been purchased.

* New gymnastics mats have been purchased.

* Gymnastica equipment has been upgraded.

* Netball equipment has been purchased - new nets, bibs and balls.

* Rounders equipment has been purchased.

* Tag rugby belts purchased.



* Successful badminton club has run (16 pupils)

* Successful netball club has run (24 pupils)

* Gymnastic club KS1 (18 pupils), KS2 (15 pupils)

* Tag rugby club (20 pupils)

* Kwik Cricket Club for summer term 

* Athletics (30 pupils)- school enjoyed huge success in the area athletics tournament

* All KS2 pupils and staff developed rounders skills.

* School staff again defeated year 6 in annual rounders match!


Target 3: To increase the range of sports in which pupils are engaged


* Badminton court and equipment purchased.

* Funded one day’s training for all pupils in Years 3,4,5,6 for Bell Boating

* Entry purchased for two Bell Boating regattas

* Equipment purchased for netball.

* Dance and gymnastic coaches employed to run after school clubs.



* A wide range of after school sports clubs have increased pupil participation rates: Football (25 pupils), Badminton (16 pupils), Bell Boating (60 pupils), Netball (24 pupils), Gymnastics (16 pupils), Tag Rugby (20 pupils), Dance (14 pupils) Athletics (30 pupils) Multi Skills (16) Kwik Cricket (12 pupils)

* One of the two Year 3/4 Bell Boating crews won the Bidford Regatta

* One of the two Year 5/6 Bell Boating crews won the Bidford Regatta


Use of the funding will be monitored by the governors through governor visits, the finance committee and an end of year report to the full governing body.


Thank you for an amazing first year and for giving our daughter the very best start to the beginning of her school life. We are incredibly lucky she attends such a beautiful school. - Reception Parent