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School Attainment 2017


Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessment Results 2017

Subject National Expected Standard+ Greater Depth / HigherStandard
Reading 80% 26.67%
Writing 73.33% 20%
Maths 66.67% 20%
Reading, Writing and Maths Combined 66.67% 20%



Key Stage 2 SATs / Teacher Assessment Results 2017

Subject Achieved National Expected Standard+ Achieved Greater Depth / Higher Standard
Reading SATs Test Result 71.4% 33.3%
Writing (Teacher Assessment) 64.3% 14.3%
Maths SATs Test Result 50% 21.4%
Grammar, Puncuation and Spelling SATs Test Result 57.1% 33.3%
Reading, Writing and Maths Combined 42.8% 14.3%




Phonics Screening Test Results 2017

Pupils Pupils Pass Rate
Y2 Re-Test 100%
All Y1 Pupils 42.9%



DfE Performance Data

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School Data Dashboard

Ofsted's School Data Dashboard complements the Ofsted school inspection report by providing an analysis of our school's performance over a three-year period.


We are very grateful for all the extra help and support the staff have given our daughter. It has made a huge difference to her learning. - Year 6 Parent