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Isle of Wight

(Year 6 Residential)

Little Canada - Isle of Wight

On the Isle of Wight, minutes from the Fishbourne ferry, Little Canada is located in 48 acres of beautiful woodland on the banks of Wootton Creek. The centre offers distinctive log cabin style accommodation and a diverse range of indoor and outdoor activities. Little Canada is near the water's edge at Wootton Creek, a perfect location to try out a large range of activities on land and water.Accommodation is in distinctive log cabins, or in Woodlands House, a Victorian house set in its own gardens. Main facilities are located in a central area, surrounded by the log cabins.

- IOW 2017 -

Here is the video of one of our trips...



Blackburn - March 2013
(School Link Project)

 The beginning...

On Thursday 14th March 2013, 31 children from Green class ventured on an exciting adventure to Blackburn.

The aim of the of the visit was to provide the children with an opportunity to meet the pupils in a Church of England school in Blackburn with whom they have been communicating since September. This is particularly relevant to their education in that all of the pupils in the Blackburn school follow the Muslim faith. We wanted to find out all about the similarities and differences between the two schools.

To allow the visit to go ahead, the children in Green class took part in a sponsored silence (for an hour) and raised over £900. This covered the cost of the transportation to and from Blackburn. Thank you to everyone that supported this event.


What happened?

During the two day visit the children explored and experienced so many different activities, particulary things they had never tried before: a visit to a traditional mosque, dressing up in cultural clothes, designing and carrying out henna, making nann bread and chapati's, watching a Bollywood film and writing Arabic calligraphy.

About St. Silas...

St. Silas CE Primary School is a two form entry school with 410 pupils, situated in the centre of Blackburn. The school has been open a year after 18 months of reconstruction. 7.5 million pounds was spent on the building to ensure that the space was utilised to its full potential. The ultra-modern school is home to a 3 storey playground that was a particular highlight for our children (multi-coloured humps, a slide as well as an undercover football pitch).


"I thought that is was a very enjoyable and valuable trip. Possible a once in a life time experience." - Sophie

"When we got there I didn't expect it to be as big but when we had the tour I knew the trip was going to be EPIC!" - Addison

"I thought the trip was very educational and extremely worth the wait. A valuable experience." - Matt

"I thought the trip was a good experience. A chance to meet new people and and find out more about their cultures." - Natalie


To share this extraordinary adventure the children worked together to create a class assembly. The local news team 'Green Today' reported on the amazing events and invited parents and carers from Dunnington to shared their new learning and favourite memories. To find out more, visit the entrance hall.





















My daughter enjoys coming to school and has a lovely circle of friends, who she enjoys socialising with. - Year 2 Parent