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Feedback from our parents



Views from Parents Evening - February 2015


<1 Year

"My children moved to this school at the start of Yr3 and Yr4. They were warmly welcomes into the class by the other children and the teacher, and now 1 and half terms later, it is like they have been here all aong. Their teacher is dynamic and enthusiastic and my children tell me all about their day in a positive and excited light. Both have made such excellent progress in a short space of time, we really do feel honoured to have the chance to come to Dunnington."



11 Years

"Both my children have had a wonderful start to their education at Dunnington. They have been extremely happy and the ethose of the Dunnington Family has made them feel secure and supported as they learn and explore."



9 Years

"Children seem quite happy and content within the school. All children seem to interact with each other."



13 Years

"My child is happy and confident and enjoys coming to school everyday. I feel she is, as were my other two children, very privileged to attend Dunnington with such lovely teaching staff."




My daughter enjoys coming to school and has a lovely circle of friends, who she enjoys socialising with. - Year 2 Parent