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What happened at Dunnington on TUESDAY?

 Flying frogs descend on a small village school...

On Wednesday 27th November Dunnington worked as a whole school on the picture book 'Tuesday' by David Wiesner. This amazing book allowed the children to use their imaginations as writers to the maximum. The day started with a visit from the police, who helped to set the scene and then the fun began.

The video which the children loved can be found at if any parents wish to know what was going on!


What did we do?

Children in Red Class had a fantastic morning after the mysterious visiting frogs had vandalised our playground. We made our own frog pond, made a trap for the frogs outside, learnt to subtraction using frog counters and produced some fantastic writing using our imaginations to pretend we were the frogs.


Blue Class decided to retell the events from the viewpoint of the frogs, through speech and think bubbles. They used lily pads and puppets to get into character then looked at the pictures in the book to help them gather lots of interesting words to use in their writing. The children then created sentences with a range of openers and connectives, resulting in some very entertaining writing!      


During the day Yellow Class wrote descriptive narratives as if they were frog on an invasion through a rural setting. The children used their knowledge of sentence openers, connectives and adjective in this piece of writing.


After assessing the scene of an unusual happening, Green Class immediately became news journalists for a local newspaper. Looking at the evidence and interviewing eye witnesses, the children gathered their facts and theories about what had taken place on Tuesday evening. Individually, they each wrote an 'exclusive' press release  for a newspaper of their choice.











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My daughter said she loved maths today and was excited about doing it again tomorrow, she has been counting to 20 all evening! - Reception Parent