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Tudor Exploration Day

On Tuesday 3rd February, Yellow class spent the day learning about Tudor Exploration as part of their topic on Explorers and Adventurers.

Our first session up to morning break was spent learning about Sir Francis Drake and his circumnavigation around the world. The children consolidated their skills as historians, working on chronology and using evidence to investigate and interpret the past.

After break they were met by Master Barber Surgeon Thomas Cuttle who had come up by horse drawn coach from Deptford to teach the children about the art of Barbour Surgery. They learnt how to treat scurvy with leeches, amputate infected limbs and shave and cut the hair of a Tudor sailor. They were also introduced to the many medicines and ointments that would have been used on board ship.

Next a messenger from Good Queen Bess (Elizabeth 1st) herself arrived from London with a letter of Marque, a document giving the children permission to become privateers and attack the Spanish. Any gold taken would be brought back to England and help pay off the national debt. They were given the chance to put their new learning into practice when we were hit by eight pounders causing huge splinters of wood to shatter arms and legs and pierce the flesh of unfortunate gunners and sailors on board. The new recruits performed their duties admirably and Sir Francis Drake himself came to commend each in turn.



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My daughter said she loved maths today and was excited about doing it again tomorrow, she has been counting to 20 all evening! - Reception Parent