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Hamster on the run!

On Thursday 18th April 2013, at 7:40am Mr Wild went to check on Yellow Class' hamster, Nevile. To Mr Wild's horror, Nevile's cage was... EMPTY! The lid, which normally has a large book over the top to act as an extra weight, had been lifted and moved to one side. An incredible feat of hamster strength!  Nevile had escaped at some time between 7:30pm the previous evening and 5:30am this morning when the caretaker opened the doors.

Mr Wild gathered up the troops: Mr  Johson, Miss Thomas, Mr Maund (who is scared of small rodents) and Miss Bladon, and a frantic search for Nevile began. At 8:20am Nevile was spotted making his way down the main corridor towards the key stage 1 classrooms. He was apprehended and safely returned to his cage, where he is now doing fine.

Mr Wild reported the following "I was very concerned for Nevile and a little curious as to how he had lifted a large lid off his cage. I was also worrying about how I was going to explain Nevile's disapperance to the children."

The staff can now continue their morning routines and relax as Nevile thinks about his next mission to escape.

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