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Green Class are mind blown by 'Mindstorms'...

 LEGO Mindstorms...

On Thursday 20th June 2013, Green Class had the opportunity to work with IBM as engineers for the day. Working in small groups, the children became project managers and created a robot. Working together meant that the children had to focus on many key skills: listening, collaboration, sharing, decision making and most importantly... working together as a team. They worked extremely well in their groups to control and programme their robot through a maze (which they designed themselves). Many challenges were faced, however the groups worked positively to overcome them.


The programmers met together to learn about the software.


Instructions had to be followed carefully to ensure that the robot was built correctly.


Success and enjoyment was shared by all!

Visit the entrance hall to see more photographs from our exciting day. We send a big thank you to everyone involved.

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My daughter said she loved maths today and was excited about doing it again tomorrow, she has been counting to 20 all evening! - Reception Parent