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Butterfly Break Out!

After four weeks of watching our caterpillars grow and make their chrysalis, two further weeks of watching every day and constant questioning “when are they going to hatch Mrs Moss?” and the first two butterflies hatched…. during assembly on Friday… and we missed it! 

Mrs Moss took the butterfly garden home in the hope the remaining three would hold off until Monday but by Saturday night all five had appeared. 

The decision was made to release the first two, much to the delight of Isabella Moss who spent a lovely sunny day on Saturday watching them! 

The remaining three were well looked after and released at school with all of Red Class on Monday morning. It has been a wonderful experience and has greatly supported the children’s understanding of life cycles. What can we hatch next I wonder? 



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My daughter said she loved maths today and was excited about doing it again tomorrow, she has been counting to 20 all evening! - Reception Parent