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A Victorian Life...

Black Country Living Museum


On Monday 16th June, Green Class had the opportunity to spend a day at the Black Country Museum in Dudley, Birmingham. The children investigated the lives of real Victorian children who lived in the Black Country at the end of the 19th century.

(Our coal mine adventure)

The experience stimulated the imagination, encourage empathy and understanding and develop historical enquiry skills to enable the students to make more considered judgments when comparing Victorian life to the present day.

(The strict school room)

This is was an immersive learning experience allowing our children to identify with the children they are studying: Harry and Lillian. Each group explored the house where the child lived and grew up, a traditional Black Country industry where a member of the family worked, and a store where the family may have shopped.


(The boys in Lillian's Toll House / Miss Thomas was arrested for being naughty!)


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My daughter said she loved maths today and was excited about doing it again tomorrow, she has been counting to 20 all evening! - Reception Parent