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The background and ethos of Forest School

The Forest School initiative originated in Scandinavia and has been rapidly developing in England and Wales over recent years. One of the reasons for this enthusiasm is that forest schools have the same basic underlying principles adopted from the Scandinavian model. A qualified forest school leader devises a program of learning that is based on the children’s interests and that allows the children to build on skills from week to week, at their own pace. They provide a safe woodland environment for the children to explore, embedded in routine that is established early within the program.

What makes Forest School unique is its emphasis on learning outside of the traditional classroom and having the freedom to explore the ever changing environment, to take risks and “assess risk for themselves” (Lindon 1999, p11). Experts argue that all aspects of the curriculum can be taught outside, stimulating the imagination and bringing subjects to life in a real context. Indeed in such a way as to stimulate all their senses and building firm foundations for further learning. Forest school is an exciting, adventurous and hugely rewarding experience which, as you can see from the photographs, our children love!

Dunnington at Forest School

Previously pupils have enjoyed the Forest School experience at Ragley Hall, unfortunately Ragley Hall can no longer offer this opportunity. Until we are able to arrange alternative provision we plan to further utilise our own extensive school grounds to develop our outdoor learning opportunities.



I think Dunnington is great because the teachers work hard to give you the best lessons and they always support us. Mrs Dee makes delicious school meals. - Edward D (Year 5)